There will be a couple of sets of liabilities. The first will be a credit card. This will be revolving credit, and have intended to have a reasonable rate. All Rates will be determined with a base rate + a formula that would determine the adjustment. The adjustment will be (900-C)/100 The best credit score is 850, so with that in mind, C = 850. This will be 50 / 100 which will be an adjustment of ½%. If the applicant had a credit score of 300, then their adjustment will be 6%. This will reward high credit scores with a lower adjustment. The rate will always be I (Base Interest) + A (Adjustment) = R (Rate). With that formula, an applicant with a 300 credit score and applying for a 3% mortgage will have a 9% interest. Those without a credit score will likely not be approved for a liability account.