Debit Mastercard

This card will be the most convenient way to bank with FSP Bank. The debit Mastercard will also look nice. The card will be a fashionable black card with the FSP Bank Logo in silver. The card will have an EMV chip, and at the request by the customer a magnetic strip to support legacy machines. The back of the card will have the customer’s name and that is all. The customer would receive their card number and other information in the mailing of the card. This is to protect the customer’s privacy and prevent fraudulent use of the card.

And for those that have a credit card line of credit, the same card will be used for credit card transactions. If using the card at the ATM or if using as a PIN transaction, the card will be used as a debit card, and money comes out of the checking account. If using a signature, online purchases, or non-PIN transaction, the card will function as a credit card.