This account is designed to replace a checking account. If the customer needs to send a check, they can login to their banking portal, and use the send check feature. They will identify the name of the company or person, how much, and the memo. If the customer wishes to send money to an individual, they can use the check function, but a quicker, and more secured way will be to use Zelle. Using Zelle, the money can deposit into the person’s account within minutes, and there are no transaction fees.

For everything else, the customer will use the debit Mastercard that is included with the account. This card will allow you to make in-store purchases, and online purchases. The customer can also withdraw money out of any ATM that supports Mastercard. The bank that owns the ATM might charge a fee to use their ATM. The customer can also use any All Point ATM at no surcharge.

By not having paper checks – the customer is reducing their carbon footprint. This in turn makes them more environmentally sound, and this can be a big part of their life.