Customer Service

Since there are no physical branches, online customer service will have to make up for that. With that in mind, there will be a few ways for customers to contact FSP Bank. This is intended to keep the cost of running a bank low.

The first method will be to call customer service directly. One can do so by calling +1 8xx FSP BANK. From there, the customer can get his balances, and any money due to the credit lines. They can reach a live operator by dialing 0.

The second is through the bank’s message portal. The customer logs into their online account management, and select Customer Service. The will then be able to send a message to customer service, and will get an email for when customer service replies.

The third method is via Twitter. One will send messages to @fspbank. Obviously, this is intended for general questions that do not need to know the account number to answer. Twitter should not be used in confidential information.