Credit Cards

There will be two lines of credit cards. One is intended for FSP Bank’s banking customers while the other is intended for the general public. Neither card has any annual or monthly fees. In addition, the cards look relatively the same which is a black background and silver lettering. For the credit card, the customer’s name is embossed on the front of the card, and the card number as well as expiration date are not disclosed on the card. Both cards will come in secured and unsecured options.

The card for banking customers will be a Mastercard with 1% cash back on purchases, and 2% cash back when paying the card’s balance. This card will support NFC tap and pay feature, and will have a chip which is required. The customer can elect to not have the magnetic strip which is a security threat.

Non banking customers will get a Visa, and will support NFC Tap and pay. However, unlike the banking card for customers, the Visa card will not offer any cash back.