Welcome to FSP Bank (A Big Ass What If Site). This site will provide details on what I would do if I had my own bank. In April of 2017, I changed banks after spending several of years and everytime I would want financial services, I was just given a basic no. Mind you, I am not wealthy, and I don’t have a lot in the bank, but when I was dealing with a regional bank, you would figure that they will have a bigger desire to cater to their customers. And yes, I could have gone with a credit union, and maybe after years with them, I might have got somewhere, but I lost confidence with such resources.

I figured if I will always be treated like a number, I might as well go with a bank that is willing to offer me something. I had a Capital One Credit card, so with this in mind – it made sense to get a Capital One 360 checking account. However, while this seems like the best solution, it is not a perfect one. This got me thinking, what would be an ideal bank. I am not talking about just for myself, but for many people in the US. And after some time of thinking of this, and working out the would be kinks, this is my ideal solution.

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